You could celebrate Valentine's Day in Rockford at any one of our fine dining establishments, but what if you want to spend a boatload of money on the big day?

Well, there are a few restaurants in Rockford where you can spend a ton of money for a meal, but if you really want to spend all your dough you're going to need to drive to Chicago.

There's plenty of restaurants that will charge you more than necessary strictly because you're in The Windy City, but there's one that is seemingly more expensive than any other.

Delish put together a list of the Most Romantic restaurants in each state and Alinea in Chicago was the choice.

Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant is no stranger to best lists. Since opening its doors in 2005, Alinea has continually impressed diners with its sophistication, sleek interior, superior wine list, and unique menu. All this makes for a dining experience you'll want to share with someone who's really, really worth it.

That last line of Alinea's description, "really, really worth it" stuck with me.

What Delish isn't telling you, is that you can't get reservations for two on Valentine's Day at either The Salon or The Gallery at Alinea. So there's that.

Then there's the price. You just don't pick and choose what you would like to eat at this place, unlike most restaurants. At Alinea, 1723 North Halsted Street, you pay for the "experience" and parties of two to four people run anywhere between $305 and $365 per person. Whoa.

Sure, you can join the waitlist and hope you can nail down reservations at Alinea, but what are the chances someone is going to cancel Valentine's Day dinner? Highly unlikely.

After all this, the price, the lack of availability, there's still something that makes me want to eat there, like, very badly. It just won't happen on Valentine's Day in 2020.

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