Many concerned citizens and police officers have wondered what tests would be possible to see if someone is driving under the influence of marijuana. A field sobriety test wouldn't be as effective as it is with alcohol considering marijuana doesn't effect your ability to walk or talk or balance on one foot. Even then, you still have to take a breathalyzer before you can be charged. Advocates of marijuana have long fought against blood tests since it can stay in your blood for up to a month and if you are sober it would still show in your blood test.

However, THC leaves the blood much quicker and Decatur police will use that bit of knowledge to their benefit. If suspected of driving under the influence while in Decatur, they will require a blood test to make sure the THC is out of your system according to WTVO. Yes, you can refuse, but the consequences are the same as refusing a breathalyzer.

Like anything else, it's only a matter of time before other precincts follow. The problem is that there are reports that even blood tests can be wrong almost 50% of the time. Considering marijuana is still a scheduled 1 substance, scientist can't even run experiments on it to find a reliable test to administer to suspected drivers. I hope they do come up with a solution that is reliable and keeps our roads safe from those choosing to drive impaired.

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