America might be all about competition, but Illinoisans have a drive to be the best no matter the situation.

From bringing the most delicious dish to a cookout, to winning a fun board game against the fam, to driving on the road, we always feel the need to leave an impression wherever we go.

Ever been at a stoplight, waiting for the light to turn green, and the person next to you is revving their engine?  You know you've had the urge to race them even if your car can't handle the heat.

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How about when a car tailgating you attempts to go around you.  Do you try to accelerate so they can't get ahead of you?  Yeah, you're a competitive driver.

"61% of Americans confess to speeding up just to prevent another car from merging in front of them. Interestingly, women (67%) are slightly more likely to engage in this form of road rivalry than men (65%)." [solitairebliss]

Lastly, you know you're a competitive driver if you try to beat the yellow light.  I always do a little "love tap" to celebrate beating the light.

"Millennials (79%) are the most likely culprits when it comes to this aggressive driving tactic, closely followed by Gen X (78%), Gen Z (75%), and trailing slightly behind, boomers (70%)." [solitairebliss]



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Now that we know how cutthroat we are on the road, let's see where Illinois landed on the list of 'Most Competitive Drivers'.

America's 'Most Competitive Drivers' Are Right Here In Illinois

Coming in at #1: Virginia with an 80.85%.  That's almost everyone in the state!  Luckily, Illinois didn't rank #1... but it was sooooo close.

At #2, Illinois got a 78.63% rating as the state with the most competitive drivers.

Idaho, California, and New Jersey weren't too far behind, but you can check out the rest of the list here.  We actually land on a ton of different lists, but competition seems to outweigh the rest.

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