If lunch time in grade school wasn't the best part about your day, what could have possibly been most memorable as a kid?

I remember in elementary school when we'd all rush to grab the delicious rectangle pizza slices at lunch time.  Just hearing the words "rectangle pizza" brings back so much nostalgia - it's just a simple pleasure we took for granted.

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Wait, remember the milk cartons with missing kids' faces on them?  That was a crazy way to advertise and spread the word that children were missing because we would just chug the chocolate milk and throw away the carton.  Anyway...

There were so many other school lunches I was obsessed with.  My absolute favorite was creamed turkey over mashed potatoes!  I can taste it right now, yum.

Let's see if you loved these iconic cafeteria foods from your childhood, too.

Do You Remember These Illinois School Lunches As A Kid?

  • Bosco sticks
  • Spaghetti sandwiches
  • Hot dogs with smiley fries
  • Chicken patty sandwiches
  • Plain hamburger with tots
  • Creamed turkey over mashed potatoes
  • Bean and cheese burritos
  • Fruit cups and applesauce
  • Minute Maid frozen juice bars
  • Chocolate milk cartons

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Let these 90s school lunches sink into your soul.

Also, do you remember your lunch number? Mine was 141849.  I can't remember my Social Security Number or the passcode to my phone half the time, but my lunch number will forever live rent-free in my head.

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