Students and parents in Rockford are not pleased with school lunches being served at East High School.

Earlier this month, a group of photos were posted on Facebook showing what looks to be an under cooked burger served at East High School.

As noted in the Facebook post, 'For some kids, this is the only food they have a day, and this is how we're treated? Its absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. I've dealt with these lunches since 6th grade. Disgusting slop after disgusting slop. It's time for a change.'

Since that post received so much attention on Facebook, the RRStar has investigated the story a bit deeper, noting that Rockford Public Schools say everything they receive to serve in the cafeteria is already pre-cooked and thus could not be served raw.

There was also an inspection by the Winnebago County Health Department that resulted in no problems, yet parents and students are still upset.

The photos seem to speak for themselves, should this food be served to kids?

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