Eighth grader Macaire Everett and her little brother Camden, from Libertyville, are creating chalk art that is making everyone smile.

When the Stay At Home order started on March 21st in Illinois, a young artist and her little brother did what many kids did around the state, rediscover the joy of sidewalk chalk.

As pretty much any sidewalk chalk artist will tell you, it sucks when it rains. Mac & Cam's first driveway collaboration was washed away by the rain. For these two however, they were not deterred, because they can always create more. And more, is exactly what these two have done. There are twenty-eight so far, and they plan to do a new one every day for 100 straight days, according to wgntv.com.

“When I came out and saw the first ones and that is really neat how she incorporated Cam into the pictures and it turned into one then another and another and they just keep getting better and better and sometimes we’re racing the weather and sometimes she’ll spend hours creating the scene,” Matt Everett, the siblings’ father

This is where it all began.

They each bring something fun to every piece they create.

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