The weekend we all get to be a wee bit Irish is finally here, and I'm assuming many of us plan on celebrating with a pint or two of green beer, I know I will be.

Many bars and restaurants throughout Illinois are ready to serve you their finest Irish spirits and dishes, and I fully encourage you to go out and enjoy them all, especially from locally-owned bars and restaurants, BUT, be responsible about how far you take your shenanigans.

Police Will Be Setting Up Lots of Road Blocks Throughout Illinois This Weekend

Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute. At some point in our lives, we've all had too much fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day and made some bad decisions. We might have had good intentions about how the festivities would end, but then green beer and Irish Car Bomb shots happen and things get a little sideways.

Please remember rideshare services will be jammed this weekend, so planning a designated driver is KEY, and local law enforcement WILL be watching all the way through the early morning hours of March 18, 2022.

According to a recent Illinois State Police press release;

The St. Patrick’s Day enforcement effort runs from March 11 through the early-morning hours of March 18. Throughout this period, the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement will be conducting roadside safety checks, seat belt zones and patrols to enforce DUI, seat belt, speeding, distracted driving and other traffic laws.

One more friendly reminder, smoking weed and getting behind the wheel is also a big no-no, so plan your safe ride home before you go out this weekend, and don't forget, Rockford Rides is always a great option to call if other rideshare services will take too long to pick you up.

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