Have you ever wanted to publish a book but you didn't know where to start? There's a group of kids in Rockford that might be able to help you out... or at least their teacher can. 

When I think back to the coolest things I ever did in school, it's a lot of dioramas, a few posterboards, and some playbills from classroom performances.

I don't have any published books with my class!

But there are a group of students in Rockford that can't say the same, they are published authors!

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This is just one of the most incredible stories I've been able to share with you. The students are in Ivonne Bisono's class at Alpine Christian School.

Ivonne made it her mission this year to create a book with her students and get it published before the end of the year.

The book is called 'My Name is Unique,' and last night the students officially became published authors, sharing their books with their friends and family at a book reading ceremony.

It was so sweet for them to invite me. If you want to learn more about their book, you can catch Good Day Stateline, Tuesday May 30 on FOX39 in Rockford, I had the chance to talk with Ivonne about why this was such an important goal for her this year and what she has on the horizon for next school year.

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