Tacos are pretty much great all throughout the year, but you know, in May, they are THE BEST. So it's the perfect time to search for the best tacos in the Stateline. 

True story, I used to think I hated tacos.

I know, who hates tacos?

Me, I did. For most of my childhood, and a good part of my late teens too. You see, I didn't understand tacos. I thought, they were only made with dry ground beef, unmelted cheese and flour tortillas.

Because, that's how my mom made them.

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Sorry, mom, I still love you, but you didn't set me up for taco happiness.

Instead, it wasn't until I was well into my 20s when I realized, OMG TACOS ARE THE BEST.

They are almost limitless, chicken? beef? pork? veggie? Those are ALL options. And most taco spots are not serving those ingredients in dry white tortillas.

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Thankfully I discovered my love for tacos before I started visiting all of the restaurants in Rockford and looking for the 'Stateline's Best.'

We look for a new category every month on Good Day Stateline and this month we crowned the winner of the 'Stateline's Best Tacos.'

If you were watching last fall when we named the 'Stateline's Best Food Truck,' you might recognize the Taco Shop 815, because they won that title too. 

Congrats to the Taco Shop 815!

We also had the chance to visit Javi's Tacos, Aero Ale House, Cantina Taco and Da Catch fish and chicken in Belvidere.

Who makes your favorite tacos?

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