Have you ever been to the Stateline's Best Food Truck?

Summer is coming to an end (or it's over depending on how you think...) but we can't move to fall without talking about the BEST part of summer in the Rockford area... food trucks!

Ok, yes we have access to food trucks all year round, but it's always just more fun to eat at a food truck in the summer.


Yes, I needed to yell that to you. Because it's important you realize how lucky you are! Other cities don't have the incredible food truck world that we have here in Rockford.

Throughout the month of August on Good Day Stateline we had the delicious pleasure of searching for the Stateline's Best Food Truck.

It was a lot of hard work but after our initial search we narrowed the final five down to Mario's Taco Express, Sizz N Fizz, Rapped with Smoke BBQ, J & C Old Fashioned Ice Cream and the Taco Shop 815.

It was really hard work taste testing all the food from these trucks.

Ok, just kidding, I have the best job on the planet.

But, it was hard to pick a winner, so thankfully, naming the top food truck in the Stateline was not actually my job, instead it was an online vote with one winner clearly beating out the rest.

And the winner is...

The Taco Shop 815!

The Taco Shop 815 spends most of their time at Forest Plaza on E. State Street when you can try their birria items, including the pizza birria which is my fave!

You can also give them a call and order ahead which is INCREDIBLE.

Our other contenders are pretty great, too! Make sure to check them all out.


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