It's pie time! For the next few weeks, you'll be digging into a bunch of delicious pies, but are they from the Stateline's Best Pie maker?

November means many things. It means it's probably getting cold. It might snow. It might be the month you love to take vacations, you'll probably see your family and you'll absolutely eat a piece (or three) of pie.

Yes! Pie is the best part of November, and so we made sure we spent the month looking for the Stateline's Best Pie on Good Day Stateline.

Not too tough of a job on my end, just driving around with my fork and gobbling up the sweetness from town to town.

We had the chance to try four different pies, from Magpie, Main Street Meat Co., The Graybill Kitchen Company and EZ Dinners.

And it was a TOUGH CALL who would take the crown.

But thanks to our viewers votes, we have a winner!

Sarah Graybill from the Graybill Kitchen Co.!

We awarded her Wednesday November 23 on GDS which airs weeknights on FOX39, and she told us she had 186 pie orders for Thanksgiving.

She also gave us the inside scoop on her Christmas pies, which is something new she's added thanks to all of the demand this season.

We're looking for the Stateline's Best Soup next - tell us where we should go!

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