Target stores across the country rolled out a new self-checkout policy where you're limited to only 10 items or less.  How do Illinois residents feel about this change?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't self-checkout created for customers who didn't have a cart full of stuff?  I've been that person before who uses the express lane with a cart of stuff, though.  I have a good reason for doing it... to avoid talking to a cashier.

It is just so much work to make conversation with the cashier who I'll see for .00000002 seconds, so that's why I love going to self-checkout and minding my business haha.

Unfortunately, we don't have the option to use the self-checkout at Target if we have more than 10 items now.  We'll have to use the traditional checkout lane to pay for our items - that's the new policy!

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I had one question, though.  If we have 11 items and we use the express lane, will the kiosk limit us to just 10 items or will the employees be monitoring us?

I could not work somewhere where interacting with the general public consumed majority of my day.  Then, adding the responsibility of telling customers they can't use the self-checkout lane because they have too many items?  No thanks, all hell would break loose.  I know it!

How do we really feel about this new policy?  Rockford residents took their opinions to Facebook and this was the most interesting comment I saw from Angie:  "Walmart is doing it too.  We were told that yesterday by one of the cashiers.  Said they will eventually update the computer at self checkout to stop after ten items."

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Thoughts on Target's new "10 items or less" self-checkout policy?

"I think that is so fair- just open up more registers to accommodate it!" - Courtney R.

"I like it, when I'm in a hurry and I don't want a long line" - Dianne W.

"Stupid! I would rather bag my own items so stuff gets where u want it and not smashed!" - Melissa M.

"I don’t use self checkout, I’ll stand in line with one item.." - Jason B.

"If I'm doing self check out I'll check out as many items as I wish, what will they actually do if I have a dozen or more items that I'm checking? Arrest me?" - James A.

"Good. Should of never taken away the 20/10 items or less registers/self check outs. It's needed" - Beverly G.

"I’m not a fan. I can check out quicker than waiting for a cashier and other customers!" - Danielle M.

"Just left schnucks and they started doing it too. Not a single person at any of the 8 self checkout stations but 7 people in line waiting for one cashier. Utterly stupid." - Jeff T.

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There are a lot of different opinions on this, but what do you think: Should there be a limit to just 10 items or less at self-checkout and more traditional lanes open with real cashiers?

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