One of the hardest things about being a parent is sending your child off to school on the bus each day; sure you miss them periodically as you look at their pictures on your desk, but you're also relinquishing all of your parenting power and putting the safety of your child into someone else's hands for close to 8 hours a day.

For those 8 hours, those special people in your child's life, their teachers, know how much it means to you to know that they're in good hands. That's why teachers today go through extensive training to keep them safe; under any circumstance.

Thanks to that training and some quick thinking by one Illinois teacher, hundreds of students at Mattoon High School were kept out of harms way after Angela McQueen tackled a gunman who opened fire in her school's cafeteria.

She was hailed a hero and her story made national headlines on CBS This Morning.

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