Teachers are doing so much in their classrooms every day and some of them are even spending part of their time teaching social and emotional skills to their students. 

Most of us start going to school before we can even remember, sit in those classrooms until we're about 18 and then possibly go to college.

Maybe we grow up and have children and also send them to school.

Or we have nieces and nephews and ask them, 'what'd you do in school today?' And they say, 'nothing.'

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But you know there is so much more happening in those classrooms and nowadays teachers are teaching so much more than just math, science and English.

Sure, those are still important subjects... I wouldn't be able to type this story for you if I didn't have a bunch of English classes, but we don't become successful adults just because we know how to spell or when to use a comma.

So many adults my age never had a class that was built on sharing our emotions as kids, that's why we're in therapy, or we argue with our loved ones a ton without actually communicating.

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But, after talking to Lexi Booth from North Boone Upper Elementary School this week on Good Day Stateline, I have so much hope for future humans!

Not only is Lexi a Special Education teacher, but she is an SEL interventionist, which means she focuses on social-emotional learning with her students.

I would LOVE to go back in time and take a class like this. I'm so glad we have local teachers sharing this with students!

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