Teachers your week has arrived! It's time to get some great freebies during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Let me start by saying there's a bit of online confusion surrounding Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

Some outlets are saying that today, May 2nd is National Teacher Day and thus Teacher Appreciation Week is this week... others are saying that the celebration is next week, with Teacher's Day being the 9th.

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Honestly, if you're a teacher, this should make you bonus happy... celebrate both weeks!

We all know teachers should be celebrated every day anyway!

If you're a teacher, you can benefit from these celebratory days, according to MSN, big companies like Cole Haan, Great Wolfe Lodge, Hanes, J. Crea, Michaels, MOD Pizza, Potbelly, TGI Fridays, Vineyard Vines and Zaxby's are all giving teachers freebies this week.

And next week, according to Retail Me Not, you can score deals at 50 different spots including Apple, Costco, Crayola, Samsung and Staples.

Maybe you're not looking for a deal on pizza or salad, but instead a raise? You might want to move.

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According to Scholaroo, Illinois is not in the top test list for the best states for teachers this year, neither is Wisconsin.

The best place to be a teacher is the state of Washington, followed by California, New York, Massachusetts, Utah, Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland and Connecticut.

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