We all have our favorite fast food spots to get a quick drink to quench our thirst.  If you're a McDonald's fan, you know their Coke is top tier.

If it's not spicy hitting the back of my throat, I don't want it!

My sister is pretty popular on TikTok for a series she created about consensual doxxing.  Just a few days ago, she went off the beaten path and posted a video about how she keeps a McDonald's Coke extra crispy throughout her day.

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After racking up over 2 million views, this life hack will change the way you drink fast food beverages now.  Trust me, you wanna watch the video.

Oh, and McDonald's actually commented on the video saying,


In the video my sister writes,

"When you bought the Stanley to stay hydrated but then you poured McDonald's coke into it & the Coke stayed cold & crispier for literally 19 hours, drastically altering the course of your life. So now it's the Coke Stanley"

Take a look:

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You know the feeling.  Right when you get your drink, that first sip hits the back of your throat like a freight train.  That's how I want it to go down every single time!

So you're telling me if I just buy a stainless steel thermos and put my favorite pop in it... it'll stay extra crackly for nearly 19 hours?  I might have to test this out for myself.

Via TikTok
Via TikTok

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Well, it's just more of a reason for me to make a stop at McDonald's and have a cheat day. Water can wait, right?  Absolutely.

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