Tis the season to make New Year's Resolutions and the top resolutions in Illinois are pretty typical.

Every year I hold a New Year's Resolution brunch at my parents house where you have to make a food or drink that represents your New Year's Resolution.

For 2018, I made chicken fingers because my reso was to learn how to paint my nails, which thanks to some awesome ladies in Rockton, I completed totally ahead of schedule.

When it comes to the most popular New Year's Resolutions in Illinois for 2019, they're pretty boring.

According to Offers.com, the top four resos in Illinois are:

  • Exercise more/lose weight - 49%
  • Save money  - 37%
  • Travel - 27%
  • Find love - 15%

While I totally support all of those resolutions and think I should probably have all four too... they're boring.

What's your resolutions for 2019?

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