'Tis the season to stuff your face with turkey, pie and well... stuffing, but if you live in Illinois you might have an upper hand on the whole healthy holidays thing. 

Happy November 15! You know what that means right? We are just over a week away from Thanksgiving and as soon as the turkey hits the table it's the countdown to Christmas.

In six weeks or so our lives will be covered in wrapping paper and Christmas cookies, probably a few super heavy meals and if you're like me, a ton of Christmas cocktails too.

Which kind of makes it the most unhealthy time of the year right?

According to a new study, those of us in Illinois actually aren't doing too bad in the health department.

LifeExtenstion.com recenetly released their list of the best and worst states for Holiday Health and Illinois came in the top ten!

I know, it surprised me, too!

However, diving into the list it's not THAT great to be in the top ten. New Jersey, who takes the 10th spot is only at 52.5% healthy.

At 7th place, we're at 58.2% healthy, which is still an F.

Utah takes the top spot with 85.9%, so basically no one is acing this health test... but are you ready for this one? Only 29 states even break the zero mark! Holy cow United States, we need to eat more broccoli!

Louisiana takes the bottom spot with -142% healthy. Yikes.

Here's the thing, thos health numbers probably won't change until January, so do your best but enjoy the desserts and cocktails.

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