Are your Target Stanley shelves already empty? You can still score one of those summer tumblers if you're quick today. 

About three months ago, things got a little crazy at Target stores. The popular cup company, Stanley dropped a pink Starbucks tumbler and the world went a little nuts.

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We're talking lines around the store to buy a $50 water bottle, basically. Yes, they're high quality and yes, it was January, so people were looking for something to care about after the holiday season, but it still seemed rather excessive.

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Like most crazes, the resale price of these cups were through the roof, and there were social media devoted to finding the cups when they were sold out, which happened really quickly.

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Now, it's happening again. Target launched their new neon Stanley tumblers this weekend in stores. If you didn't know, or you know, you had other things going on this weekend, you might've missed your chance to score a summer tumbler.

But, you're in luck, because today, those tumblers landed online.

Chances are you'll have an easier time getting your hands on these, Target is selling them in solid and patterns, in 20 oz and 40 oz, with and without handles, and selling coolers and jugs too.

Do you really need these? Probably not. But hey, life is about buying the things you want, too, right?

Let us know how many Stanleys your buy today!

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