Hey, it's me.  I'm the Illinois woman whose haircut is "apparently" giving off "Three Stooges" vibes.  I'm totally here for it, though!

I have had very short hair for over ten years.  When I first chopped my hair in high school, people made fun of me to no end.  I got called every name in the book.

"Lesbian", "Chinese boy", "ugly", and any derogatory names you could think of.


I find it funny now, but back then I was a hot mess trying to stop myself from bawling lol.

When I started posting heavily on TikTok, people would say I look like Kris Jenner or "you shouldn't be talking when you look like that."  I've learned to build some tough skin over the years haha.

A few days ago I got a haircut and went a little more bold than I usually do.  Instead of a side swoop bang, I went full on cross bangs.  Nothing TOO drastic... so I thought.


I posted a new TikTok recently and the first comment was, of course, something about my hair.  Honestly, it's funnier than you think.


It did make me question my decision to restyle my hair haha.


Do I really look like Moe Howard??? I don't think so.... unless nobody is telling me the truth.  I've only gotten positive feedback and compliments.

You decide, take a look at him and tell me I look like him.

I guess if I like it that's all that matters, right?!  Whatever makes me feel beautiful!

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