There's a new trend for wedding receptions in Illinois and it involves legal recreational marijuana.

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Describing Your Typical Wedding

Think about the last big wedding you attended. There's something that I guaranteed happened. There was an open bar with free booze. Somebody got really drunk and made a fool of themselves. Maybe, they even did something to disrupt the occasion. I think we've all been there at some point in our lives. I've even been to a reception where a couple of drunken idiots got in a fight. Free booze and a wedding just don't mix. People can't handle their liquor.

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New Trend For Wedding Receptions In Illinois

While planning their wedding receptions, some couples are doing things a little bit differently. Maybe, they don't drink and they prefer getting high. To avoid the drunks, an open bar with free drinks isn't offered. Instead, they feature a weed bar. It's all good because recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois. It definitely makes the crowd mellower. Plus, no worrying about any leftover cake.

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What Is A Weed Bar At A Wedding A Reception?

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WeedBar’s offerings include smokeless glass pipes, drinks, edibles, and a rolled flight tasting with “teeny tiny mini joints.” They’re all micro-dosed, according to Goldberg, meaning a small amount of cannabis is included in the product, allowing the user to experience its benefits of it without facing many – if any – side effects.


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Even if a wedding reception in a legal weed state like Illinois doesn't offer a weed bar, many are having designated pot-smoking areas. Kind of like the typical smoking sections. I personally think it's a great idea.

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