There's a fine line between bravery and idiocy. Here's an example of incredible idiocy.

How this scam even gets hatched is beyond my ability to comprehend but apparently, someone dressed as a popular Dixon, Illinois doctor and tried to withdraw funds from his account at a local bank.

This is what Robb Rydzinski said on Facebook:

Earlier today, someone went into a local bank posing as me (Robb). They had a fake ID identifying him as me and tried to draw money out of my account at that bank. Fortunately, the teller was very suspicious and started asking him a few questions..., he abruptly left. These are the security photos of him. DOES ANYBODY RECOGNIZE HIM??????

The Facebook post has been shared just over 600 times in an attempt to help Rydzinski identify the impersonator.

So far Rydzinski hasn't received many leads. However, someone did think the impostor did kind of look like Justin Timberlake, so there's that.

The location of the bank has not been revealed. If you happen to know the person in the photograph is, please contact Rachel and Robb Rydzinski on Facebook.

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