We live in a world where almost 25% of the texts and calls we get are some sort of spam. Whether it's a robot telling you that you won a free cruise to the Bahamas, or a different robot telling you how to save on your electric bill, how do we know what is legit anymore?

Well, a new spam text is going around and this time it's targeting people's bank accounts.  Don't get fooled by a suspicious text from your "bank" that says your account is suspended.  Most likely it's a spam text that isn't even coming from your bank.

According to ABC7 -

If you get one from a bank that you actually use, it is not real. If you click on it, it will ask you for your username and your password, it is text phishing and text spam. They are trying to get your password and username so they can get into your account.

If you get one of these texts, you should report it to your cell phone carrier and report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

To report a text you can click here.

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