2020 was a wild ride for sure, so when we "braved the elements" to actually get together in groups...it was strange. Wow look, people...how do we act now that we are together? Do we hug, do we shake hands, do we stab people others for grabbing leftovers with their bare hands? Huh?? MSN


James Dixon of Chicago was arrested last Thanksgiving, after a family and friends get together went south, quickly. James stuck his bare hands into the Thanksgiving leftovers and things got violent. James was sucker punched, and the rest turned into a bloody Thanksgiving nightmare.

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James and Vincell Jackson took their brawl out onto the front porch...all over reaching into the Thanksgiving leftovers, barehanded. James then proceeded to STAB Vincell NINE TIMES.


With all of the witnesses, (it was Thanksgiving after all) everyone witnessed the fight, but strangely NO ONE claimed to see the nine stabbings. Vincell Jackson was transported to University of Chicago Hospital where he passed away do to his injuries.


James was charged with first-degree murder, and was held on $350,000 bail. He was arrested at Holy Cross Hospital after being treated for a small cut to his neck and cuts to a finger. He was placed into custody and charged accordingly.


In a year that was filled with seeing no one, going nowhere, and a lot of eating on our own...this family and friends gathering tool a terrible turn and led to the death of an individual. How sad.

This NOT SO Happy Thanksgiving is one to forget, hopefully 2021 doesn't turn so violent.

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