If you thought buying marijuana in Illinois and carrying it out of state was a good idea, think again.

Michael Peavy from Gary, Indiana found out the hard way Wednesday. In case you didn't know marijuana is still illegal in Indiana even if you buy it in Illinois.

Peavy, 26, purchased marijuana in Illinois and on the way home got pulled over and arrested for it.

It probably didn't help Peavy was going "103 mph in a 55 mph zone" according to News Channel 20.

But wait, there's more.

Officers also noticed the handle of a handgun under the feet of Peavy. The trooper told Peavy to put his hands up, but he ignored the directive and attempted to start the vehicle.

Looks like the possession arrest is the least of Peavy's worries at this point.

Peavy, from Hammond, Indiana, was also charged with possession of a handgun no permit with a prior conviction, reckless driving.

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