Mary Latham is traveling the country collecting and share 'good' stories and included Rockford in her latest stop.

Mary is incredible. Her story starts on December 14, 2012, the day of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Mary tells the story best on her website, MoreGoodToday:

In 2012 I was sitting at my desk in NYC reading the news on the Sandy Hook School shooting when a co-worker told me about an act of kindness that had happened to him. A random man had bought a $100 gift card at the Starbucks across the street and asked the barista to run it out on the line behind him. My co-worker was in that line. He had been having a horrible year and the expression on his face as he told me this made me realize how much of an impact this act of kindness had on him. I spoke to my mother about the story later that morning, and then had quickly switched over to the shooting. She had politely interrupted, saying...

"You have to focus on that other story you just told me. Think about that man who just made so many people's day by buying them a coffee. There is always going to be horrible and tragic things that happen but there will always be more good out there, you just have to look for it."

Her mom passed away a few months later and Mary took her words to heart, packed up her mom's car and decided to go across the country collecting 'good' stories to share with others.
She is traveling to all fifty states to collect these stories and write a book that will go into hospital waiting rooms.
She made a stop on Good Day Stateline this Sunday and shared her story with me.

She's off to Iowa and Minnesota next and looking for places to stay and good stories to collect, if you know anyone she should contact, let her know on her website or on her Instagram page.

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