A Rockford restaurant is going above and beyond and is inviting in those who need a meal. Happy Wok on 11th Street! A simple way to help the community and those who need something to eat.

WREX details -

Happy Wok on 11th Street has a sign that tells people not to beg customers for money, but to come inside and get rice and an egg roll for free. The restaurant says it has been giving out food to customers who need it for a while now. But with the weather getting warmer, more customers needed food. That’s when restaurant employee Javiana Summers created the sign.

An employee of Happy Wok says they've been offering this option since she's worked there. Anyone who wants to stop by for a meal is also welcome to sit down and eat.

I've worked in a restaurant setting before and I know they always have extra food to spare. So what better way to make sure all that food gets eaten than feeding the community? This is an amazing example of what businesses can do for the Stateline.

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