It may be April Fools Day, but Ariana Grande wasn't joking around when she told fans last week that she wanted to release a new song with collaborator Victoria Monet today (April 1). The BFFs delivered with "Monopoly," and shared a silly, carefree video to accompany it because Ari officially gives zero effs about the music industry and rules surrounding the release of new music.

Naturally, Arianators embraced the new song with open arms. One declared "ur discography in ur hand, yes!" on Twitter. "it’s so calm and cute and...... i’m in love," gushed another. Others pointed out the shade Ari threw to our current president—at one point, she's throwing out all kinds of negative energy, and the word "Trump" gets flung into the air.

However, the most eyebrow raising lyric comes in the pre-chorus, where Ariana and Victoria switch of singing "I like women and men," causing many to think the pop star is bisexual. "can uuuu confirm that ur bi? cuz we alllll confused if it’s for real or not," one user tweeted. "did bi ariana just rise" another asked.

Check out some of our favorite reactions below.

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