Stan Twitter is notorious for discussing generation-defining artists and igniting fandom wars in the entertainment industry. This week, the debate is about Cher and Dua Lipa — and the "Believe" icon herself has something to say about it.

When one fan on Twitter called Lipa the "Cher of our generation" in a viral tweet featuring side-by-side photos of the two singers rocking similar sleek, dark hair and shimmering stage outfits, another fan quote-tweeted it, saying, "So much truth in one tweet."

The latter user also tagged both Cher and Lipa, which got Cher's attention. The Burlesque star weighed in on the declaration, replying with a sassy comment of her own.

"How many [years] are in a generation," she asked, with a thinking emoji attached.

The original side-by-side tweet has since been deleted, but not before the interaction sparked reactions from other fans on Twitter.

"Y’all coming for Cher ... one of the most influential female acts in music history ... over DUA LIPA," one fan wrote.

Another pushed back against the lighthearted comparison. "Cher has won awards for acting, been in some many iconic movies, had her own show IN ADDITION to her music which has earned her a #1 in 6 different decades. Dua Lipa wishes she was like Cher," they wrote.

Many Cher fans reiterated the fact that there can only be one Cher, including one person who tweeted, "Cher is Cher. No need to compare two completely different individuals in talent just because one dress like the other."

Some Lipa fans jumped in to defend the "Levitating" star.

"I love Cher with every bone in my body but if Cher rlly thinks she’s better than Dua Lipa music wise somebody gotta wake her up," one user shared.

Meanwhile, some others just loved seeing their pop fave get compared to a living legend.

Set to ABBA's "Dancing Queen," another fan posted a video edit of the two singers, showcasing their similar appearances and iconic outfits.

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