A picture taken in Rockford has many wondering if the vehicle in the photo is a toy or the real thing.

That's just how life like the picture looked when it was posted to Instagram a little less than a week ago by user deftony83.

The picture tagged somewhere in Rockford features an incredible looking sunset and, for all intents and purposes, a real life Volkswagen Bus.

After further review, it's actually just a toy. A toy, that according to deftony83 said:

Wow you had a VW Van? How much was it?" It cost me $4.00 in Walgreens . My coworker had to look again and realized it wasn't a real vehicle."

The forced perspective in shots like the one with the VW Bus and Rockford sunset are incredible and never cease to amaze me.

Upon first glance, what did you think? Did you think the VW Bus was the real deal or just a toy?

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