PLUS Medical marijuana coming to Rockford, 13 yr-olds enter plea in Slender Man case, fat-infused water is here and new movies opening this weekend. #5Things

Rockford medical marijuana dispensary to open in October. (My Stateline)

13-Year-Olds Accused in Slender Man Case to Enter Pleas. (ABC News)


It's Official: Women Love Pizza More Than Men. (Smart Flour Foods)

Now on sale... fat infused water for $5-a-bottle. (Good Food)


American Ultra (R) Theatrical Trailer and the Red Band Trailer

Jesse Eisenberg is a stoner who has no idea he's actually a highly trained sleeper agent until someone reactivates his combat skills and people try to kill him.

Kristen Stewart plays his girlfriend, John Leguizamo is his best friend, Connie Britton from Nashville is the chick who reactivates him, and Topher Grace is the government tool who marked him for termination after deciding he was a liability.

Hitman 47 (R) Trailer

The latest movie to be adapted from a videogame stars Rupert Friend as an assassin genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, and more intelligent than the rest of us. He's trying to find the guy who created him to stop a crime syndicate from relaunching the program.

The first you'll notice about his emotionless character is that he's bald, with a bar code on the back of his head, and he always wears a black suit with a red tie. The part was originally supposed to go to Paul Walker before his death, but instead it went to Rupert, who you know as CIA assassin Peter Quinn on Homeland. Zachary Quinto and British actress Hannah Ware also have big roles in the movie.

Sinister 2 (R) Trailer

Shannyn Sossamon and her twin sons move into a house where one of her kids is stalked by Bughuul, the Boogeyman from the first movie who turns children into murderers after forcing them to watch 16-mm footage of other kids killing their families.