Ah, to be young again...like two young bucks that were just captured on a trail cam in Illinois trying to determine who the boss really is.

Wildlife Moments just shared this moment of deer rivalry on YouTube. It's not really a fight or battle of any kind. Just two very young bucks playfully sparring.

Legendary Whitetails explains that sparring is a way for bucks in Illinois to determine dominance. If these were two adult bucks, the exchange would have been much more intense. That's true especially during the rut when mating preferences are at stake.

What does a real buck fight look like? It would go down something like this. These two big boys tangled in Iowa in a battle that started in a stream and ended back in the woods.

For young bucks like the two in the first video, it's a very playful practice for what their survival will look like in a year or two. What's friendly innocent clashing will eventually be for real dominance.

Amazing what a simple trail cam in the Illinois woods can witness on a good day.

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Gallery Credit: decayingmidwest via YouTube

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