I've been told time and again to not worry about a nuclear attack on Missouri or America because it will never happen. Yet, at the same time authorities keep giving me safety tips about what to do...when that happens. Something doesn't add up because Missouri has a ton of helpful tips in the event that we get nuked although we never will - allegedly.

I was going to list the many things that Missouri is trying to be helpful in the event we are the target of a nuclear attack and/or "accident". But, I feared that me bringing attention to them might cause them to be removed (it's happened before), so here's a screenshot from the Missouri Radiological/Nuclear Threats website (yes, it really exists...for now).

Missouri Department of Health and Human Services
Missouri Department of Health and Human Services

There are a total of 19 different "tips" and "guides" from the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services on how to deal with a nuclear and/or radiation emergency. Here are some highlights.

Make yourself an emergency kit featuring "a spare change of clothes for each family member, a trash bag for contaminated clothing, and sealed food, water and medicine". Oh, and if you're outside and see a nuclear explosion "lie face down to protect exposed skin from the heat and flying debris. After the shockwave passes, go inside the nearest building". That's a pretty in-depth how-to for nuclear survival that you allegedly will never need.

I realize that the government including the one in Missouri must prepare for a worst-case scenario even if it will never happen, but this seems to me to be a lot of work from someone who does expect it to happen.

Am I just overly paranoid or should I start stockpiling canned goods in my basement?

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