If you follow flight paths of military planes, you'll no doubt be interested in something very curious that I noticed today that was happening over the Missouri Ozarks. One of the US 'doomsday planes' was circling over the area for no apparent reason whatsoever.

The United States has a fleet of E-6B Mercury planes which are a worst-case scenario command and control in the sky. To be clear, they're in the air all the time so seeing one of these planes appear on radar is not atypical. However, I was not the only one that noticed a very curious flight pattern of a 'doomsday plane' (code named LAYER01) which was circling over the Missouri Ozarks. NY Prepper noticed it and shared it on his YouTube channel.

NY Prepper via YouTube
NY Prepper via YouTube

As you can see on the Flight Radar, it wasn't the only part of the doomsday plane fleet that was airborne Thursday morning. One was over Illinois and headed toward Indiana, another just departed the west coast and yet another was spotted over the Gulf of Mexico.

The timing is curious to say the least as this happened right after the United States accused Russia of using chemical weapons.

This also happens not long after new intel revealed that Missouri is a definite first-strike target for Putin if the rumors and accusations become real war.

The US 'doomsday planes' are airborne constantly, so this is likely just a coincidence that one is circling over Missouri during dangerous times. Or, at least that is our hope.

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