The way we take our coffee says something about us as a person and both sides of the Quad Cities like one specific coffee drink.

I come from a family who mostly drinks their morning bean juice just straight black. My sweet tooth has never allowed me to do that so I add at least a little creamer in it and if I'm at a coffeehouse, something that balances the bitterness of espresso with the sweetness of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or whatever flavoring.

And I love it iced. Always. I'll drink coffee hot or cold (it's coffee, duh) but iced coffee adds a boost to me.


How The Quad Cities Drinks Our Coffee

Taste of Home looked at the most popular coffee drinks in each state, based on what we're all Googling. Houseware company Denby examined a five-year timeframe on Google Trends. There's dozens of ways to take your coffee but here are the ones that the study narrowed it down to:

  • Black coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Cold brew
  • Decaf
  • Iced coffee
  • Latte

Both Iowa and Illinois prefer iced coffee!

And actually, most of the nation does. 28 states searched iced coffee the most. As far as brewing method goes, both Iowa and Illinois agree on that too. Our favorite way to brew coffee is via coffee pods. We're with the majority of states on that too, as most of the U.S. favors coffee pods.

You can check out the results of the study and see which states like which coffee here.

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