Looks Like All Panera Bread Restaurants (Including in Minnesota and Illinois) Are Having Major Issues

Let me set this scene for you.  I'm hungry.  I don't have time to leave the office to go grab a bite because my show is starting in 20 minutes and...being the host...kind of need to be there.  I don't want anything fried because I'm over 40 and my stomach loves to remind me of that quality.  My go-to option for this "way-too-often situation is Panera.  But, apparently not today.  Or yesterday.

When I went to place my order online yesterday, I was met with this "We're working on it" message at the Panerabread.com website.

We're working on it.

We are working diligently to be back up and running in our digital channels.

In the meantime, ovens are warm, bread is baked and our team is ready to serve you in our bakery cafes! Please visit any of our locations to enjoy your faves.

See you in our cafes.

- Panerabread.com

The Panera Bread app was also non-functioning and displayed the logo along with the following message:

"We apologize for any inconvenience.  Our application is currently unavailable while we conduct essential system maintenance and enhancements."

Panera Bread app
Panera Bread app

I know that a new menu is being rolled out, and some are saying this is why the entire internet/app infrastructure for Panera Bread is not working, but most companies know how to make changes without shutting down their entire online presence.

Others are speaking up and think that Panera Bread got hacked.

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Panera Bread To Go Public
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Did Panera Bread Get Hacked?

Have you ever been at a company when it was hacked?  First, I feel for all of the employees.  I know life is pure chaos at the moment and there are people working 24/7 to fix this.  No one is probably communicating much to you and those who are the faces of the company are smiling.  I've been there.  It sucks.  I'm well aware.

I have no idea if Panera Bread has officially been hacked but all signs are leaning towards a "yes".  That is my opinion but it appears as if I'm not the only one who has that in their mind.

Reddit is blowing up with speculation right now including the post by MediaGuy4


Epic Disaster... Ransomware?
byu/MediaGuy4 inPanera

And The Midwest Express on YouTube just posted a new video all about the latest Panera hack.

A Glimmer of Good News for Panera Bread Has Surfaced This Morning

Yesterday, the website and app were completely down for Panera Bread.  On Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, it appears that the website is functioning.  I have not attempted to order anything online yet today so I can't give 100% confidence that all the issues are worked out, but at least the website works.

And, as Panera Bread has stated, we can do things like we did back in the 90's and actually walk in a store to place our order.  I know the act of speaking with someone to order food is an old practice now, but Panera Bread is bringing it back for all of us.

Did You Say Panera Bread Was Releasing a New Menu?

A sneak peek of the new menu was released a few weeks ago.  I heard that April 10th could be the day these are rolled out everywhere but with the latest glitch, we will see if that date or time frame still happens.  I'll stop at a Panera Bread around then and give an update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Until then, take a look below at what they are planning to roll out.

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