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I might have actually died if I met him! My hubby and I are HUGE fans. In fact, my husband has a tattoo of him on his arm - no lie!

I LOVE when big names come to Minnesota. Especially Rochester. Rochester isn't your go-to destination "fun" place. I know, I know, when we see celebs in town, they are often not here for pleasure seeing as we are home to the best hospital in the world. But, you can't deny how cool it is spotting them. This may just be the most notable celeb as of yet.

It was just a couple months ago we were all freaking out about the highest paid woman in television making an appearance in the Med City. Fans were gushing over seeing Judge Judy in town.

ICYMI: Famous TV Star Spotted in Rochester. 

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I wrote a blog about it and took a stroll down memory lane of all the people that have been spotted hanging out in town. I personally got to meet Bill Murray and legit lost my sh**. My kiddo was fan-boying over King James shooting hoops at Lourdes. Gerard Butler also spent a ton of time here and was seen at several restaurants, Thursdays Downtown, and more. You can read the whole article and see pictures here. 

So now which celebrity is in Rochester?

I spy with my little eye, WOLVERINE! Hugh freaking Jackman. Holy crap!

As you can see, he was spending some time at Chip Shots. The Chip Shots crew said he was a really cool dude. They said "he was playing some golf, and football on a sim, had a nice spiral and called it 'footie' with his cool Aussie accent." Clearly he was happy to take photos with fans too. SO jealous.

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