When it comes to marijuana, Illinois and Wisconsin have very different laws so be careful when you cross the border if you like partake.

Wisconsin Couple Smoking Pot In Public Restroom

The incident happened this past Sunday morning. A couple walked into a local business to use the restroom. After a few minutes, the owner smelled something unusual. He realized it was marijuana. The pair went in and started to smoke it up. He wasn't happy about the situation so he called the police.

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Wisconsin Police Investigate the Situation

When the police arrived to the scene, the couple had already left. They went into the restroom to investigate. It definitely stunk like weed. The officers also found a bag of pills. After asking the owner a couple of questions, they left.

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Wisconsin Police Find Pot Smoking Couple

It just so happened to be a vehicle parked on the side of the road with two people inside. There appeared to be some mechanical problem so the police pulled up to help. The officers realize there was no car issue, the pair was just really high. They could smell weed so they called in the K-9 unit.

WI Couple Arrested For Smoking Pot In Public Restroom

Wisconsin Couple Arrested For Drugs

Of course, the police dog found multiple drugs including cocaine, Ecstasy, and marijuana to go along with the pills they found earlier. The couple was arrested. I'm guessing they wished they hadn't been smoking in the boys room.

According to wbay.com,

Sunday morning, a business called to report a person who used its bathroom and left it smelling like marijuana.


Deputies arrested the man and woman in the car on drug charges.

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