As Halloween draws near, everyone wants to be a ghost hunter, so we dare you to take a tour of this old school that many people say is one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

One of Wisconsin's Most Haunted Places

I am a complete wimp when it comes to scary things, yet I often find myself falling down rabbit holes about the most haunted places in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Today's rabbit hole journey was about an old school in Glenbeulah, Wisconsin that has been closed for 27 years but has been reborn as a hotspot for paranormal lovers and ghost hunters.


History of the Old Glenbeulah School in Wisconsin

The Old Glenbeulah School is located on the edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Glenbeulah, Wisconsin, which is located not too far from Elkhart Lake. The original part of the school was built in 1916 and was expanded in 1938 to the size that it remains today.

American Hauntings Ghost Hunts says Old Glenneulah School was officially closed in 1995, but it has a long history of paranormal activity which began when the school was still occupied by staff and students.

After sitting vacant for 27 years, Melissa Clevenger and Craig Nehring purchased the school with the hopes of turning it into an event venue, but they quickly learned they weren't the only beings who claimed ownership of the building.

American Hauntings Ghost Hunts said Melissa Clevenger and Craig Nehring were reporting "slamming doors, unexplained footsteps, shadowy figures" and more paranormal activity shortly after buying the school, but hearing mysterious voices is what people experience most often inside the school's walls.

 Ghost Tours at Old Glenbeulah School

It looks like a few different companies/groups offer ghost tours of Old Glenbeulah School, but this 8-hour, self-guided tour from Haunted Midwest Ghost Tours that allows you to spend the night on the property (not inside the school) seems interesting for the bravest of hearts.

Before you book your ghost tour of Old Glenbeulah School, you should probably watch this video I found on YouTube so you're fully prepared for the frights in store...

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