In a surprising turn of events, the state of Illinois has extended an inviting hand to the Walt Disney Company, suggesting that they bring their halted $1 billion development project to the Land of Lincoln.

While Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis finds himself entangled in a battle with the House of Mouse, Illinois is more than happy to remind Disney that they would make a perfect new home for their abandoned venture.

Google Street View
Google Street View

What's the backstory?

There's an ongoing lover's quarrel between DeSantis and Disney. Their saga has unfolded over the past year, with Disney openly opposing the governor's parental rights law (affectionately dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" law).

As a result, some employees slated for relocation as part of the Lake Nona project experienced a change of plans. The planned project involved a new corporate campus near Orlando, Fla. The $900 million+ plan would have been the home to over 2,000 relocated employees.

Disney recently made waves by canceling those plans for a massive corporate campus near Orlando, according to Crain's Chicago Business.

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Oh, what a roller coaster ride.

A spokesperson for the Illinois Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity went to Twitter to enthusiastically proclaim,

Illinois is a great place to do business, particularly for businesses that care about the laws of a state and how they affect their employees and their families.

Ah, the subtle hint at the ongoing tussle between Disney and DeSantis is hard to miss.

Illinois: Birthplace of Walt Disney

In a clever move, they reminded Disney that the state is the birthplace of none other than Walt Disney himself, born in 1901 on Chicago's Northwest Side.

As the proud birthplace of Walt Disney with a strong commitment to diversity & inclusion, Illinois' door is open.

While the push to bring the House of Mouse may not be as intense as efforts to attract electric vehicle manufacturers, there's no harm in putting it out there for Mickey and all to hear.

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After all, who wouldn't want to see Mickey Mouse gallivanting through the streets of Chicago or Minnie Mouse munching on deep-dish pizza?

Google Street View?
Google Street View

So, here's to Illinois, the state with a sense of humor, extending its arms wide open to the magical realm of Disney. Will Mickey take the bait and make the Land of Lincoln his new home? Only time will tell.

For now, let's keep the dreams alive and remember that in the world of imagination, anything is possible, even Disney finding a new castle in the Land of Lincoln.

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