The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently in Milwaukee to take on the Brewers, but one player is "dodging" the infamous hotel where the rest of the team is staying.

What's Mookie Betts' Problem With The Pfister Hotel?

This is what I imagine Mookie Betts doing when he learned that the Dodgers would be staying at The Pfister Hotel while they are in Milwaukee to play the Brewers...running away as fast as he can. LOL!

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Ok, seriously, I'm kidding.

Mookie Betts isn't too scared to stay at Milwaukee's infamously haunted Pfister Hotel, (he's done it before), but this time he prefers not to, "just in case".

For those that don't know, The Pfister Hotel at 424 E Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee is typically the place where professional sports teams stay when they come to play in Brew City.  The hotel is also one of the city's most historic, fancy, and notoriously haunted places, so Mookie Betts isn't the first player who was too uneasy to stay there.

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WTMJ in Milwaukee reports that Los Angeles Dodgers beat writer, Bill Plunkett, said;

#Dodgers are staying at legendary haunted Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee -- but not Mookie Betts. Rented an Airbnb for some friends and is staying there "just in case" the stories about ghosts are true. Said he doesn't really believe in ghosts but doesn't want to find out he's wrong.

Apparently, Mookie Betts admitted that he has never personally encountered any paranormal experiences while staying at The Pfister in the past, but he did have trouble sleeping one night due to strange noises.

Can you honestly blame Mookie Betts for airing on the side of ghost-free caution? I certainly can't!

Want to read some true paranormal stories from other MLB players who have stayed at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee? Check out this article...if you're brave enough.

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