Once the highest paid female athlete in the world, a famous Illinois native is returning to Rockford next month for a very special reason!

I was just telling a friend of mine who lives, eats, and breathes hockey, that I really wanted to learn how to ice skate now that I'm trying to find new hobbies to take on.

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What are the odds that my conversation comes just days before news released that Janet Lynn, five-time U.S. Figure Skating champion and two-time Olympian, is gliding her way through Rockford next month?!

Famous Illinois Olympic Athlete Making Rare Rockford Appearance

On Saturday, June 10th from 10am - 12pm, Janet Lynn will be in Rockford talking about her successful skating career, the evolution of ice skating, and hosting a fun Q&A session after her seminar.

Did you know Janet is a Guilford High School Graduate?  Ah! I'm a Guilford Alum, too!

She won a Bronze Medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in Sapporo, Japan and after going professional, she became the world's highest paid female athlete.

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Janet Lynn is now 70 years old and I'd consider her a living legend!

So exciting!  You definitely don't want to miss this event, who knows when she'll be back in town.

If you'd love to attend the event at Midway Village on Saturday, June 10th, it's $15/person and $7 for Museum members.

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