The airline is handing out free flights... but there's a catch.  It's a new initiative called 'JetBlue for Good Month'.  The company wants to promote traveling to do volunteer work.  It's a thing known as 'voluntourism'.  JetBlue is going to fly a plane full of people to a mystery destination completely free of cost.

Are you free November 27?  50 people and their guests are going to be sent to an undisclosed location that they're calling "Destination Good'.  You won't find out where you're going until you're on the plane.  Not only that, but you're being sent to volunteer.  They will participate in daily volunteering activities for three nights.

So... you won't know what to pack, where you're going, what you're doing, or how long the flight there's that.

Basically this isn't just a free trip for no reason type of thing.  JetBlue says -

We chose a destination that we feel we can have a really big impact on, and a place where our volunteers could see a visible difference at the conclusion of the trip.  In addition, we wanted to go to a place where JetBlue flies and give back to a community we serve.

Winners will be notified of their eligibility by November 20, 2018.  They are taking submissions until October 26th.

I've applied, you can too here!

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