Just announced today by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker; vaccinated Illinois residents can get a free alcoholic drink, under new law. And there's even more good news.

Starting today (6/2) and until July 20th, 2021, all Illinois residents who've been vaccinated can 'belly up' to the bar for a free cocktail, or shot.

How to get your free drink

To get your free sips you'll need to prove two things,

  • First, show your I.D. to prove you're at least 21 years of age.
  • Second, show your proof of vaccination.

At today's press event, Governor Pritzker said,

"Not only will the vaccine protect you from getting sick, your free COVID-19 shot can now get you a free shot of your choosing or whatever drink suits your palate."

Governor Pritzker introduced some more new legislation and extended the 'cocktails-to-go' law.

Senate Bill 104 allows bars and restaurants to include cocktails as part of their delivery services. The new law will also include single servings of wine to the list of allowed deliveries, and permits delivering products that are sealed by the manufacturer. This Senate bill also extends 'cocktails-to-go until Jan. 3, 2024. It was originally scheduled to end this month.

Now hurry in to your favorite joint, bring your vaccinated friends, and get to having a good time. Be sure to buy more drinks and food while you're there. After all, I think that's the point of this 'free drink offer', to get people back to the businesses that have suffered greatly.

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