Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially among younger people. Vaping is a great way for adults to quit smoking cigarettes. However, in the effort to help people move away from actual cigarettes, they've actually created an entirely new issue.

Credit Jon Hampton Via Youtube
Credit Jon Hampton Via Youtube

A Juul is a small vape that looks like a flash drive. It comes with 'Juul pods' and those pods come in different flavors. Pod flavors include mint, mango, cucumber, creme brûlée, and people are concerned that the flavors appeal more to the youth than a normal cigarette. According to Bustle -

An estimated three million high school students have vaped within the last month, according to The New York Times. Juul promised “additional age-verification measures” and third party verification for online shopping to help restrict the pod purchases to people 21 or older.

Convenience stores, vape shops, and other retailers will now only sell tobacco, menthol, and mint flavors that “mirror what is currently available for combustible cigarettes,” the company noted in the statement, which arrived before the Food and Drug Administration’s own anticipated anti-teen-vaping measures.

The intent of the company was never to have the youth using Juuls, but now they've got redeem themselves.

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