As one business opens, another business closes in Rockford, Illinois in 2024.

I just found out that One Way Global in Rockford, that has a storefront on Charles Street, has rebranded themselves into an exotic snack store and opening on the further East side of town called Culture Crunch.  They'll have snacks from around the world from countries like Japan, Thailand, Germany.

If you're a fan of Kirkland's, make sure to get all your favorite home goods from them before they close their doors - located at 6335 E. State Street in Rockford.

Kirkland's Home Goods Store in Rockford Closing In 2024

Kirkland's home goods store over in Forest Plaza has announced they're shutting their doors in late January of 2024.

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Google Maps
Google Maps

According to another news outlet, Kirkland's said they were "unable to reach a lease renewal agreement with the landlord" of the building.

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Since everything is online these days, you could order on their website still.  Sometimes going into a home goods store hits different than shopping from your couch.  Am I wrong?!

It's sad to see Kirkland's is closing - they're still open Monday-Thursday 10AM-8PM, Friday-Saturday until 9PM, and Sundays until 7PM.   What do you think will occupy the space after they move out?

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