You know, I've lived in Illinois my entire life and only a handful of times have I said I wanted to get out.  That's not the case for other Illinois residents, though.

At least three times a day I'll be scrolling on Facebook and see someone post they really want to get out of this sad state for so many different reasons.

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Taxes are high, crime is higher than most states, and there's really no city that seems to be worth moving to if you're looking to raise a family.

Others say Illinois is the best for certain things...

According to Kwik Trip, the best part about Illinois is leaving.

Jokingly, Kwik Trip posted it not expecting the type of reaction they did.  Everyone pretty much agree lol.

With over 8,000 likes, 1,000 comments, and 1,500 shares later, they had to make sure to clarify, "we're expanding further into Illinois and this is just a joke, folks."

I looked it up and sure enough they're expanding!

QuikTrip & Kwik Trip via Facebook, Canva, Lil Zim
QuikTrip & Kwik Trip via Facebook, Canva, Lil Zim

After going through the comment section on their post, customers had so much to say about Illinois.  Here are some of the best:

"Nah, you're right. That's definitely the best part about this forsaken state." - Sarah R.

"The best thing to come out of Illinois is.....I-90" - Thomas W.

"The best part is Casey's. Sorry, not sorry." - Alexandria R.

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Everyone actually seemed pretty excited to hear the expansion news!  What about you? Are you glad we're getting some Kwik Trips around the Prairie State?

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