Will she wear a meat dress? If she does, you might want to call off work on Monday.

So far the biggest Super Bowl LI news is that Kraft Heinz is giving their full-time employees the Monday after the game off of work, but I have a feeling Lady Gaga is going to give us something big to talk about after her performance.

If you happen to work for a company supporting 'Smunday' off of work, you will want to play this game with tequila. If, instead, you must be up at ready to work early Monday morning, you might want to play this game with water or push-ups... maybe jumping jacks. I like jumping jacks.

Without further ado, here is the totally unofficial game

Michelle's Lady Gaga Drinking (push-up or jumping jack) Game

Take one drink if...

  • Lady Gaga wears a feather.
  • Tony Bennett shows up.
  • Gaga plays the piano.
  • Gaga really dances on the roof of the stadium.
  • Gaga sings, 'Born This Way.'

Take two drinks if...

  • Lady Gaga wears some type of American Flag.
  • Gaga has at least two costume changes.
  • Your dad asks if it says, 'Lady Gaga' on her birth certificate.
  • Someone at your Super Bowl party (over the age of ten) starts singing along.

Finish your drink if...

  • Tony Bennett wears a meat dress.
  • Gaga jumps out of a cake.
  • Lady Gaga sings, 'Do What U Want' and R. Kelly shows up.
  • Gaga makes a political statement.
  • Someone at your party will make you rewind something in Gaga's performance. because they were reading a text message.
  • The power goes out... you know that happened that one time.

Finish all the drinks in your house if...

  • Lady Gaga announces her engagement to Tony Bennett.
  • Gaga wears her meat dress.
  • Gaga wears pants the entire time.
  • You don't want to go work on Monday.

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