This isn't an arcade in a shopping mall, this is an arcade the size of a shopping mall. Leave your quarters and tokens at home because you don't need them.

Illinois' Top Spots for Fun

It doesn't matter where you grew up, spending a Saturday at the mall playing video games was the perfect way to spend a day. It's that thing about no quarters being needed that immediately shoots me back to my misspent youth. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and my spot for video games was Aladdin's Castle Arcade at East Towne Mall. On those days when you didn't have enough quarters, there were always a few extras you could grab out of the fountain just outside the arcade's entrance. Trust me when I tell you that I was not the only kid in that arcade with a wet shirt sleeve from stealing quarters out of that fountain.

No Quarters (or tokens) Needed at America's Largest Video Arcade

Galloping Ghost Arcade, the largest arcade in the U.S., is in Brookfield, Illinois, and at present count, the number of video games you can play is 885, according to their website. And the games are always set to 'free play' so you can go nuts all day and night. Just one low fee and you play until they shut the doors. They even offer memberships if you need your favorite old-school video games on the regular.

This arcade is so big that it's very difficult to find a photo that captures the entirety of the space. I found some videos on Instagram that give you an idea of what an arcade with 825 games looks like.

Galloping Ghost Arcade is the Largest Arcade in the U.S.

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Here's another video they posted around Christmas. I once asked the mall Santa for one hundred rolls of quarters to use at the arcade behind him and even offered to take him there to show him how fun it was.

Galloping Ghost Arcade FAQ

  • Located at 9415 Ogden Ave. Brookfield, IL
  • All of the games are set to FREE PLAY
  • Pay a $25 door fee and play all the games for as long as you want as all the games are set to FREE PLAY
  • Open 365 Days a year
  • Sunday-Thursday 11 am-12 am, Friday and Saturday 11 am-2 am
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships are available

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