If you've got measles and under quarantine, you probably shouldn't leave the house.

Somebody should've told Jeffery Murawski, 57, to follow the rules.

Actually, someone did mention that to Murawski. You see, he's been under measles quarantine at his Brookfield, Wisconsin home since April 26, 2018.

However, he decided to break the quarantine, thanks to his wife, less than a week later, May 1, 2018.

Murawski allegedly escaped his home by hiding inside a car driven by his wife. He went to a gym, although he later told police he stayed only a few minutes because 'he felt very guilty and sick to his stomach' for deciding to go out.

Is it because out of all the places to visit, Murawski picked one of the worst places on the planet to visit when you have the measles?

Outside of an international airport is there anywhere worse he could have gone besides a gym?

In case you're wondering, yes, Murawski was picked up by an off-duty sheriff's deputy who was aware of Murawski's quarantine order.

Murawski and his wife, Christine Bennett were both charged Friday, February 22 with misdemeanors that could lead up to 30 days in charge and $500 fine.

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